• Autodesk Building Ops

  • Feed Me – Boston Food Truck Tracker

  • HGSE New Website

    • Website
    • Drupal
    • Jan - July 2014
    • Harvard Graduate School of Education Website Rebuild 2014


      A website rebuild project for Harvard Guaduate School of Education based on Drupal 7. The new website was launched on August 2014. I worked with the Web team, IT and Communications departments to assist with the development and launch of the new website. My work includes:

      • Drupal Site Building: set up the basic structure of the site, including content types, fields, views, blocks, menus, taxonomy terms and webforms.
      • PHP Theming: created theme template files through converting static HTML to dynamic PHP pages which grab the data from Drupal database and display them in a proper format.
      • Content Migration: migrated content from other platforms through XML feeds importing by XPath parser. Including directory of faculty, staff and offices imported from HGSE grid System; events imported from Trumba RSS; all old news posts from WordPress.
      • Menu Optimization: developed and optimized the functionality of main menu through JavaScript and PHP, including set up menu block, menu logic and build prototypes.
      • QA and Debugging: tested the website for different platforms and browsers and fixed issues reported by tickets.
      • Internal Documentation: wrote documentation and demonstration graphs of the work I've done for internal group as reference.
      HGSE Homepage HGSE Sample Designs in Web Room Drupal Fields Rendering Demo Graph Sample Documentation Graphs
  • Catch My T - MBTA Tracker

    • Web App
    • Optimized for mobile
    • AngularJS, MBTA API
    • Sept 2014
    • Catch My T - MBTA Subway Real-Time Tracker


      This is a project I made during the summer 2014, as an exercise to learn AngularJS and communicate with web services

      • AugularJS AJAX Request: it fetches real-time subway data from MBTA API through AngularJS HTTP request
      • Process Data: analyse, group and sort data for screen display
      • Bootstrap Theming: theming is based on Bootstrap, inspired by MBTA subway station signs
      • Mobile Optimization: it is a reponsive web app and designed for mobile display.
  • Don't Starve Game

    • Game
    • C++, SDL
    • Nov-Dec 2014
  • Musicene - iOS Music App

    • iOS App
    • Music/Sound Game
    • Objective-C, Xcode
    • Aug 2014
    • Musicene - iOS Music App Prototype

      This is a project prototype I made during the summer 2014, the original project is from a non-technical music course but I just decided to make it technically, as an opportunity to learn and practice iOS development.

      It's a music relax and game app: there is a given scene with background music playing and some components, they can be any types of stuff like the mountain, river, tree, windmill, and also animals like dog and cat. Each one has a natural sound attached so when you do different gestures to it, such as tap or swipe, it will play the sound and do some animation to be better merged into the background music and also the landscape scene.

      • AVFoundation Framework: use AVAudioPlayer to play all sounds
      • Dynamic Animator: implement animation like rain drop by gravity behavior and collision behavior
      • Gesture Recognizer: involves tap, rotation, swipe, pan gestures to play
      • UI/Design: images are made by Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Walking the Border

    • Web Prototype
    • JavaScript
    • Content by Luck Dittrich
    • Dec 2014
  • Mobile Ad Campaign - Guitar Center

  • HGSE Operations Website

  • Music Recording Intro

  • Gradebook Software

    • Software
    • Java
    • Apr 2014
  • Frogger Game

  • Room Escape Game

  • Avoid Zombie Game

  • Welcome to the Working Week

    • Lyric Video
    • After Effects
    • Mar 2013
    • Welcome to the Working Week Lyric Video

  • Stop Motion Video

    • Video
    • Photoshop, AfterEffects
    • Feb 2013
    • Stop Motion Video

      This video is a course project for 4D Foundation. The background music is distorted from a original piece of music, the visual images are created by photoshop and arranged by After Effects.

  • Rock Band - 3D Model

    • 3D Paper Model
    • SketchUp, Laser Cut
    • Mar 2012
  • Paint By Number Painting

    • Painting
    • Paint by number
    • Aug 2014
  • So Young 致青春

    • Cover Song
    • Piano, Guitar, Melodica
    • June 2013
    • So Young - Cover Song

      Piano, Guitar, Melodica, Vocal, Recording: Moling

  • Lady Dong 董小姐

    • Cover Song
    • with Xiang Fan
    • Guitar, Piano
    • Sept 2013
    • Lady Dong - Cover Song

      Male Vocal, Acoustic Guitar: Xiang Fan

      Female Vocal, Piano, Recording/Mixing: Moling Guo